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Leading experts know that unresolved trauma leaves a biochemical imprint, rearranges the functioning of the nervous system, and stagnates our energy.
But the lessons and testimonials shared in this series prove that it doesn't have to.

More than 55 mental health, psychotherapy, and neurology experts come together in this ground-breaking nine-part series to help you get out from under the thumb of trauma. Here’s where you’ve seen them before:

Talk therapy, medications, and repression has only carried us so far.

From the moment you were born…

You have been exposed to trauma.

The pain of a loss… the sting of disappointment… the terror of feeling unsafe…

The blows we learn to shake off as adults get ABSORBED when we're children.

We have no resilience, no experience, to protect us.

And if we don’t know what to do… and we can’t get back to center afterwards… and no one around us has the language to help…

Ten, twenty, thirty, forty years have gone by and we’re still hurting.

Pedram Shojai

Dr. Pedram Shojai

Nick Polizzi

Nick Polizzi

My name’s Dr. Pedram Shojai. I’m the New York Times bestselling author of The Urban Monk. I’m a filmmaker, a doctor of Oriental Medicine, a Qigong Master, a Taoist Abbot, and an early practitioner of Integrative Medicine.

And this is my good friend Nick Polizzi, creator of the series “Remedy” and “Proven”, among others, and the world’s foremost health documentary series director.

When we created, it was because we saw a gaping chasm between the disconnected and spiritually distraught people all around us… and the access to help that they deserve.

That’s why we set out to make the Trauma series, and to host it on

Just filming it was a transformative experience…

And we truly believe that this groundbreaking docu-series is going to bust the door to healing wide open for anyone who watches it – no matter what they’ve been through.

There is a revolution happening in healing work, now that we can trace so many of modern man’s most stubborn issues to unresolved trauma. And the pioneers on that frontier are sharing their research, their stories, and their most powerful lessons on customizing and personalizing recovery right here in this series…

In’s latest BRAND-NEW series, Trauma, you’re going to discover…

Episode One
Triggering Trauma

How can you tell there’s trauma in your body? Which biomarkers – and even musculature – to check, and how those changes can affect you over time…

Why do your “signature strengths” matter in trauma recovery? How many human strengths there are said to be, and which help when you’re overcoming trauma…

Trauma fall-out is varied, but consistent in its range… Why trauma resulting from a betrayal can hit differently than trauma from a physical accident.

What can an FMRI reveal about trauma? Especially about the brains of chronically stressed people vs. people with PTSD…

Episode Two
Emotional Trauma Part One

How this one neural system – shared by all mammals – can end up screwing with the way you remember your trauma and keep you stuck in the eternal now…

Why speaking negatively about yourself doesn’t “keep you honest” – it actually serves to reinforce a trauma response…

“Weight loss resistance” is a shockingly underrepresented trauma response… But it happens because of chemical signals from distress that create a cascade of issues…

What questions should you be asking yourself to figure out that your trauma-adaptive behavior is no longer helping you?

Episode Three
Emotional Trauma Part Two: I Will Survive

The biggest difference between what “fight” and “flight” mean to a person who’s experienced trauma…

You’re attracting the same unhealthy relationships over and over again for a reason… And more than likely, it’s rooted in deeply buried trauma. Learn how to interpret your choices through the lens of your experiences.

How and why the left brain is trying to keep you safe from the hopeful vulnerability of the right brain…

What the four pillars of healing from any kind of trauma are…

Why neuroplasticity is on the frontlines of personalized trauma healing, bringing trauma from the psychiatric field exclusively into the medical field…

Episode Four
Emotional Trauma Part Three: Release and Overcome

What can your antibiotic usage as a child tell you about traumatic health disasters in the future? Be they mental, to physical, to emotional.

Why age three is considered a turning point in child psychology, and one of the riskiest ages to experience a trauma…

Empaths aren’t just born that way – they can develop that skill out of early childhood trauma as an evolutionary survival mechanism…

No, the reaction that you have to seeing, reading, or hearing bad news all the time is not all in your mind… the nature of the collective trauma energy field is real (and it has a name)...

Episode Five
Physical Trauma Part One

Why the strength, flexibility, and resources of your nervous system are a greater indicator of traumatic impact than the event itself…

Can every trauma be healed through the same kinds of modalities? The answer is definitely NO… but you need to recognize the difference…

The specific stem cell that’s responsible for your body’s healing after a physical trauma… and why an MRI won’t catch all the microscopic damage that’s being done…

The common narrative is that multiple sclerosis and other chronic illnesses are permanent. But there’s a specific diet and lifestyle plan that works in harmony with your body to reverse the effects of multiple sclerosis…

Episode Six
Physical Trauma Part Two: Getting Better All the Time

What a major medical care provider revealed in their landmark study of nearly 10,000 participants about childhood trauma markers that make heart disease, strokes, depression, smoking habits, and suicides more likely…

How trauma at birth can actually be encoded in the brain, and even shows up on a QEQ brain map…

Why returning to homeostasis after a traumatic event is so vital… and what can happen later if you’re not able to…

An abuser’s work is never done. A person who has been abused often continues the cycle right where an abuser left off…

Episode Seven
Societal Trauma Part One

The negative feedback loop of societal trauma can be so hard to define… it’s like asking a fish to describe the water in its bowl. Learn how to track it by three major points…

Why distance used to have a buffering effect between us, and traumas far, far away… and why it matters that that’s no longer true…

The specific genes researchers have found consistently morphing in situations of multi-generational, major traumas (like genocides and slavery) and how they work…

Why epigenetics are a genius protective response from your body… and how at the same time, they could be causing you more stress…

Why family and religious patterns of behavior can be so insidious when they end in trauma, and how to look for the signs…

What has to happen in order for transgenerational trauma to remain coded beyond four generations…

Episode Eight
Societal Trauma Part Two: Heal Thyself... Heal the World

The social movements we recognize in today’s world are sweeping, spiritual shifts in collective consciousness – which is to say, they’re trauma responses…

How major cultural events can affect millions of brains in the same exact way… and why that can make it harder to heal from them…

The brain wants to do what it knows how to do. It may think it wants a breakthrough… but what you should actually be giving it is something totally different…

How to use homeopathic healing traditions to help center and locate trauma in your body after major ruptures…

Episode Nine
Identifying Your Trauma

Why losing your curiosity for the world around you can be a powerful signal that your brain is traumatized…

How up-regulating the autonomic functions of the brain during traumatic events can lead to documented and proven hyper-sensitivity and hyper-vigilance…

Why betrayal can often be found at the beginning of the personal narratives of the world’s greatest givers…

Do our parents continue to inform who we are long after childhood is over? Absolutely. What issues we might be able to recognize in our parents that help us solve the riddle of why we keep trying to learn to tolerate perpetrators…

In this series, you’ll discover why we’re all living with trauma, what we all have in common, and how trauma can show up differently for everyone. You’ll hear the stories of unbearable loss, insurmountable betrayal, and unbreakable patterns… And realize that the losses can be borne. The betrayal can be surmounted. And the patterns can be broken. Don’t worry… you’ll have as much help as you need. Check out these resources that you’ll receive when you subscribe to

Exclusive Limited-Time Bonuses

LIVE Q&As from "Trauma" experts...

How much would you benefit from being able to ask our experts anything about your story, your recovery, or your speed bumps? Well, now you can with the Trauma Q and A sessions. Ask them anything and then enjoy the recordings of the sessions.

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“Trauma” The Director’s Cut.

Sometimes the best material gets left on the cutting room floor. There was so much we couldn’t fit into the near-10 hour documentary series.

Here you get the full length interviews from our trauma experts, doctors, authors, and scientists.

A Guide to Using EFT (Tapping) to Release Trauma

(Courtesy of The Tapping Solution)

Tapping techniques – some of which are discussed in the docu-series – have been proven as effective de-escalation tools, neural rewiring methods, and groundbreaking resources for those who’ve experienced their power.

Use this guide to teach you how to use tapping at home, in the car, out in the world, anytime you need it to help you calm down and re-center.

Plus, use the SEVEN tapping meditations included in the report to guide your practice!

How to Commune with Your Inner Child

(Courtesy of Dr. Sousan Abadian)

When you grow-up, you’re basically asked to believe that your childhood self no longer exists. It evolved into who you are now. But that’s not necessarily true…

And it’s even less true when you experienced trauma in your childhood. Your Inner Child is in there – they’re just waiting for a trusted adult to listen to them and help them heal.

Dr. Sousan Abadian generously provides her two-part system for connecting with your Inner Child here. Take some time to re-parent yourself with a professional!

(P.S. She ALSO included a Wise Guide Meditation recording to help take you through the motions of accessing your Inner Child.)

Essential Oils Guide to Soothing and Releasing Trauma

(With Excerpt from the BONUS Chapter of Expert and Author Jodi Cohen’s Book)

Explore the world of aromatherapy and what diffusing, and absorbing certain scents can do for your body and mind homeopathically.

Specifically as it relates to healing trauma… Enhancing your environment can have a huge impact.

10 Experiences You Didn’t Know Could Have a Traumatic Impact

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: hardships = traumas. Little t or Big T, so many of our experiences behave like trauma in our bodies – damaging the nervous system, storing falsely in our memories, activating a slow but constant drip of stress hormones…

And we don’t even realize it. Get familiar with 10 of the most commonly mislabeled traumatic experiences so that you can understand how they might still be affecting you today.

10 Simple Steps to Set Protective Boundaries

Ever wish someone could make setting boundaries a little bit easier? Like an “if-then” mathematical or philosophical equation…

Well, that’s what we’ve done for you! We’ve built an airtight 10-step guide to help you set boundaries in your life and keep your spirit and energy protected as well as your relationships.

Best Neuroplasticity and Nervous System Hacks

Neuroplasticity is on the forefront of personalized trauma healing, as any of the neurologists in this series will tell you.

That’s because trauma is a function of our consciousness. And any consciousness events, as humans, are a function of our nervous systems. When you hear people say that someone’s problems are “all in their heads…”

They’re not wrong! It’s just that what they mean is those problems are a figment of your imagination…

And what’s true is that they are a manifestation and reflection of your current neural pathways and nervous system functionality.

What fires together, wires together. Learn how to employ practices that will strengthen and stretch your brain, so that you choose what fires together.

Qi Gong and Meditation Practices to Build Resilience

Pedram, in addition to producing and hosting this docu-series, is a Qi Gong Master and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

He’s studied the art of Qi Gong – energy work – for many years, guiding others to fuse body movement and mental state in order to clear energy, achieve peace, work through our emotions, and more.

Pedram recorded several Qi Gong and meditation videos specifically for building resilience to face trauma – and you’ll have access to them as part of this package!

Shamanic Clearing Practices for Trauma

Dannielle Bryan, a Shamanic practitioner and teacher for 20 years, collaborated with Pedram to bring you a few guided Shamanic meditations as well as several worksheets that target stuck trauma...

And release it.

Building Protective Factors Resource Guide

Doing healing work is so scary for many people because of what it might bring up… Retriggering, re-traumatizing, re-opening of old wounds.

It’s absolutely vital that you work to build up your resilience through consistent practices, radical self-love, and physiological body awareness.

This guide will help you wake up, live your days, and fall asleep centering the intention of resilience and inner strength.

Daily Resilience Journal PDF Book/Worksheet

In conjunction with your Building Protective Factors Resource Guide, this digital journal allows you to connect with your progress by employing expressive writing!

With daily prompts and plenty of writing space, you’ll be able to watch yourself grow as you tackle one big feeling after the next.

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There’s an exhaustion epidemic in our country, and all of the ways we think we’re giving energy to our bodies are actually contributing to and strengthening the energy thieves that leave us zapped and dragging through each day.

This ten-part docu-series goes way in depth to teach you how to fight back against those energy thieves, repair your inner energy economics, and wake up every day confident that you’ll be able to conquer whatever comes your way.

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Betrayal: The Autoimmune Disease Solution They’re NOT Telling You.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan asks: What if digestion issues, multiple sclerosis, autism, lupus, Parkinson’s, depression, brain fog, and other autoimmune conditions were part of one huge epidemic?

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TRAUMA is FREE to view right now…But if you long to:

Feel overwhelming love, empathy, and acceptance for all people… including yourself...

Forgive the betrayals of your past…

Repair bridges you thought were burned…

Hijack your survival circuitry and start thriving...

Make decisions as you are now, and not as your scared and wounded inner child…

Breathe the full, deep, rejuvenating breaths of someone with no regrets...

Channel your post-traumatic growth into helping others in your life with pain too heavy to carry...

Leave addictions, heartbreaks, chronic pain, and disconnection far behind you...

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Finally trust and love yourself exactly as you are...

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If You’ve Spent Years Living a Half-life..

Then you’re like so many others who believed that “life is full of hardships” and your struggles weren’t so bad compared to others…

But what you may not have realized is those hardships are, in fact, traumas, and they live on in your cells, your primitive memory, and your nervous systems just waiting to be activated over and over again.

You don’t have to live like that anymore.

This is your chance to bet on yourself. No more hanging your head, or slogging through one painful experience after another, never choosing yourself.


Your life, your happiness, and your well-being matters.

Watch every episode of Trauma. The road might get tough sometimes, but you’ll build resilience. Sit with what you’re learning. Journal. Take notes. Talk about it with your family and friends. Show them.

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Nick Polizzi & Dr Pedram Shojai